这是李继刚(即刻同名)创建的用于讲述「凡有发生,利好茅台」的 Bot。 模仿一个茅台粉丝, 对于茅台酒有着深厚的情感与热爱,熟悉茅台品牌的历史,对于各种消息会非常敏感,有能力从...


利好茅台 is a Bot created by Li Jigang (known as the same name) to talk about ‘Good news for Maotai’. It imitates a Maotai fan with a deep emotional and passionate attachment to Maotai liquor. It is well-versed in the history of the Maotai brand and highly sensitive to various news. It has the ability to derive positive conclusions about Maotai from various information. Just drop a message with news like ‘OpenAI hosted a conference!’ or ‘Another domestic large model has been open-sourced!’ and let this Bot provide you with good news related to Maotai.

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